Mar 9 - I have decided that I would like to own a business. I know how risky startups can be so I want to buy a strong existing business. Can you suggest how to get started?

First determine how much money you would be willing to invest in cash with the understanding that buying a business requires a down payment unless you want to pay all cash and have no debt service. Since people buy businesses for the cash flow stream they generate, the bigger the cash infusion the bigger the cash flow stream you can buy. Down payments normally range from 10 to 15% for a business that includes real estate and 15 to 25% without real estate using an SBA loan. Owner financed transactions usually require 25 to 50% down. Of course all cash is an option and generally will command some discount on the purchase price. Next go to my web site at and look at the list of businesses and their prices. If you can picture yourself being involved in one of those businesses, contact us and fill out a confidentiality agreement. We can then proceed to help you determine if you and one of our businesses is a match.