A Message to Sellers


If you are like most business owners selling your business is something you have considered. Then sales pick up and you put your mind back to insuring that your business is a well-oiled and profitable machine. Most owners did not start their business to sell it. They start a business to be successful. As a result business owners generally are not prepared to sell when the time comes and it can become time for a lot of reasons. I have had prospective purchasers sit down with me at my conference table to talk about the purchase of a particular business and say “Why would anyone sell a good business?” with a suspicious look on their face. My answer is always the same, “Why would anyone sell a good house or a good car? Something has changed.” Sometimes people are just ready to retire, maybe it is a health issue or a need to relocate. Sometimes people just want to do something different. Psychologists say that the average person gets burned out after 15 years at the same job. I see this happen to some business owners. It is important that plans for the sale happen before burnout and apathy in the owner hurt the overall performance of the business.

When asked “What is the best time to sell a business?” my answer is “When things are going so well you don’t want to sell is the best time to sell.” That is usually when the seller can get absolute top dollar. I know because I have seen it and made it happen. The good news is that if over time your business has had a consistent track record of success producing a nice living for you it is saleable at a good price in most cases. There are variables and situations that can make a sale very difficult but rest assured all businesses have some warts and freckles and none are perfect. They don’t have to be.

That’s where I come in. Since 1994 I have personally confidentially put on the market and personally sold nearly 300 businesses. I have built a database of interested prospective purchasers for Northwest Florida businesses numbering over 4,000. Along with our worldwide marketing network and popular web site, www.bizbro.com and top notch office support headed up by my 20 year office manager, Holly Tickner. We know how to find the right buyer for your business, negotiate the deal, arrange financing, and put together all the right documents while orchestrating a smooth transition for the seller and the new owner.

Unlike some companies who ask for sizable upfront fees (which is really how they make their money) we ask for no fees up front and receive a success fee when your business is actually sold. I need to have a confidential consultation with any prospective seller with information available to determine the viability for sale and value of the company. My evaluation is complimentary. If, for whatever reason, you think you would like to sell your company I would like to hear from you. Simply put. We get the results that sellers are looking for.
Mike Goleno
Owner/Broker/Certified Business Intermediary
BizBro.com Business Brokers